With just over three weeks before the kickoff of the season, vandals did some damage to areas of the new turf at Bob Young Field. Officials say it will only cause about a day’s worth of delay.

Some time during 10:00 PM Sunday and 1:00 AM Monday Sioux Falls Police believe some individuals hopped the fence at the University of Sioux Falls Sports Complex. While inside, Lt. Greg VandeKamp says golf carts were driven onto the field. “Since it was being redone, the damage consisted of (the suspects) driving over the sub-structure.”

VandeKamp also says one of the golf carts was damaged by getting hung up on a retaining wall. Police did not have a damage estimate for either the field or the golf carts.

USF says they have security cameras at the complex located near 69th and Cliff Avenue. VandeKamp says they have not narrowed down any suspects.

Game one of the 2015 season for the Cougar Football squad is set for September 5th at home against the University of Mary. Fall training camp is expected to begin this week.