Ever since the creation of golf more than 500 years ago, the argument has raged on - are golfers actually considered athletes?

Most golf related publications are more than happy to list all of the reasons why they are.

Other, more scientific studies, beg to differ.

But when the discussion turns to the fitness of golf fans, there is no debate.

A study by the University of Edinburgh says 83 percent of spectators in golf galleries regularly exceed their recommended daily 10,000 steps when they follow the action at tournaments. In fact, researchers found that golf fans at the 2014 Ryder Cup collectively walked a distance equal to four times around the world.

That probably shouldn't some as a real surprise to anyone. How many other sports give fans a chance to get up and move along with the action?

Even other 'grand scale' events like marathons, bike races, and triathlons usually don't see the same kind of crowd migrations like you do at a golf tournament.

That could explain why you'll see more physically fit people at this week's (August 10-13) PGA Championship behind the ropes than on the fairways.

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