Golf Addiction is a locally owned Indoor Virtual Golf Center now open right here in Sioux Falls.  As a guy that loves to golf let me say:  "This place is FREAKIN' COOL"!

The store is owned and operated by Adam Scott and John Miller. Both grew up in a small town near Mitchell, SD.

GA will feature 5 computerized virtual golf rooms.  Yesterday 3 were up and running.  All 5 will be operational soon.

Golf Addiction is located in the old KEG building at 57th & Marion road.  Check out hours, rates, other info here at the GOLF ADDICTION website.

The newly remodeled center is roomy, spacious, and very impressive.  They have lots of table seating and a comfortable bar where you can enjoy food from their sizable menu along with a frosty beverage of your choice.  But the big deal is that you can play any of over 50 golf courses any time of the year.

Yesterday my buddy Tim and I golfed the back 9 at Pebble Beach.  We had a blast!  The simulators are roomy.  The graphics are sharp.  And the staff is friendly and informative.

After a bit of time on the simulated range we hit the links at Pebble.  It had been over 2 months since the last time I had pulled out my driver.  Unfortunately for me the simulators accuracy displayed the same slice I was hoping I'd left at Willow Run in Oct.  It just seems to follow me around.

Despite my lack of swing, it sure was nice to be able to take a full cut at a golf ball on a January Sunday afternoon in South Dakota.  It's also nice to see another business opening up in Sioux Falls.

Let's everyone get your clubs out of the garage and help support this local start-up business.  At least that'll be the excuse I'll be using with my wife.