A brand spankin' new trailer and a whole host of new details for Gran Turismo 6 have just surfaced, unleashing a whole lot of info for fans.

A post on the PlayStation Blog drops a lot of Gran Turismo 6 knowledge on us, just a few weeks before the game becomes available.

For starters, over 120 new cars have been added to the game, bringing the total to 1,200+ cars. You'll be able to enjoy these sweet rides on 100 tracks, including some returning classic raceways and new locales such as Ascari, Spain and the Silverstone, Goodwood and Mount Panorama tracks.

GT6 will also boast a new physics engine, a new interface and better online features that support customized multiplayer games. Perhaps one of the coolest additions to the series is the GPS Logger, which will utilize the GPS on your phone or tablet to track your movements in the real world and translate it into the game's Course Maker. You'll be able to use your morning commute as your very own race course!

Watch the trailer above and await the coming of GT6 on Dec. 6 for the PlayStation 3.