The Beach Bum update for Grand Theft Auto 5 contained some mysterious new audio files which may hint at further content updates for Rockstar's ambitious sequel.

According to CVG, several different audio files for character dialogue were uncovered in the Beach Bum's directories. The audio features several characters from GTA 5 discussing things like gambling, racing for pink slips, off-road biking, selling drugs on the street and busting up arms deals. If you've spent enough time in Los Santos, you'd know there's a casino on the outskirts of town. Off-road biking is already in GTA, but adding missions for street racing and drug and gun sales shouldn't be that difficult to include.

The audio files can be heard over on NeoGaf, if you want to explore them a bit more closely. For its part, Rockstar has remained silent about the possibilities these audio snippets represent. However, the developer has hinted there will be more added to Grand Theft Auto 5 in the future, so it's not entirely out of the question to imagine more illegal activities like these seeing the light of day down the line.