There are no secrets which a developer can lock away on a game disc that a set of devoted hackers cannot ascertain. Thanks to the work of a select few, we now know more details about Grand Theft Auto 5's GTA Online than before.

According to Cinema Blend, a group of Xbox 360 hackers cracked GTA's code, and uncovered a bevvy of information about GTA Online. Based on the details within the code, it looks like GTA Online will support up to 32 players on map, rather than the 16 players advertised on the back of the box. Like Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer, GTA Online will also feature a free play mode, which just leaves the world wide open for all players to mess around.

There's also a co-op mode, but it's not clear whether this is for the story portion we've been hearing about or something different entirely. Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Cops and Crooks and Races are also apparently visible in the code, with all three modes still supporting up to 32 players. Of course, the mission creation tools are also there, which should make plenty of DIY gamers happy knowing they'll be able to craft races and deathmatches all their own.

GTA Online doesn't launch until Oct. 1, but it's already sounding like the online could suck up even more time than the standard campaign. That's pretty impressive considering there's almost 100 hours worth of gameplay in the main game.