One of the league's great ambassadors has decided to retire.

Grant Hill is hanging up the sneakers after 18 seasons in the NBA.

One can look at Hill's career in 3 chapters... The first 6 seasons, the Orlando years and the post-Orlando years.

Hill's first 6 seasons in the NBA were marred with records, awards and comparisons to the greats of the game.  But after a serious ankle injury that never seemed to completely heal, Hill found himself always answering the question, "What if?".

The Post-Orlando years for Hill gave him a opportunity to at least experience more winning and certainly allow him to continue to play at a high level even though he might not be the same athletic mold we were used to.

Never winning a NBA Title, Hill got the closest in the 2009-2010 season with the Phoenix Suns as they reached the Western Conference Finals, but even without a championship, Hill certainly will go down as a leader on and off the court.

A very generous athlete, Hill has given so much to local charities along the way and continues to be a great ambassador for what is right within sports.

I will look back and find myself remembering Grant Hill for what he did at Duke, the amazing first 6 seasons in the NBA, and more importantly, I will look at Grant Hill in a different light, for not becoming bitter about the injuries and continuing on as a leader in the NBA for 18 seasons.

A Career Well Done!