I made Greg Jennings laugh at Minnesota Vikings Training Camp.

'What's it like working with Norv Turner?'

'I can't stand him.'

Jennings smiles, and chuckles, along with a few other reporters after Vikings practice in Mankato. In all seriousness though, the former Green Bay Packers and second-year Vikings wide receiver was very receptive of his new offensive coordinator.

"No, I said something earlier today, 'he's like the nicest, meanest coach ever.' He's like trying to be so mean on the field and then a couple of plays come by and he's like the coolest guy you ever met. So, I mean I love him. He definitely is going to get the best out of every player that's out there and every play we are to execute, he's expecting the best result every single time."

Entering the ninth year of his career, Jennings doesn't have any personal goals in mind, but wants to do everything he can to help the Vikings some football games.

"I just want to get better and play better than what I did last year. Ultimately, the goal is to win and we didn't do that last year. That's the goal this year to win ballgames."

Last year certainly wasn't Jennings' best season, as he had to adjust to three different signal callers (Christian Ponder, Matt Cassel, and Josh Freeman) during the season as opposed to either Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers throwing his way in Green Bay. In 15 games in 2013, he caught 68 receptions for 804 yards and four touchdowns It's a new season, and he has a new offense and new offensive coordinator (Turner). In 2014, there's three quarterbacks in the crowd once again in 2014, although Cassel is likely the guy to start the season under the center depending how quickly Bridgewater picks up the offense, or if Ponder impresses. And Jennings is content and confident that Cassel, Ponder, and Bridgewater can have success.

"I feel great about the quarterback situation. I feel like we got three good quarterbacks. I feel like Matt is doing a great job, bringing out that leadership in that group. I think Teddy and Christian are doing a great job in their roles. I think it's a matter of just continuing to impress every day not only as their unit, but as an offensive unit."

Jennings is the veteran guy for the Vikings in their wide receiver core and he realizes he is their leader.

"For our group, I speak for our receiver group, we still have to improve. We have to catch the ball better. We have to be more precise when it comes to understanding what we are doing offensively. It starts with me. There hasn't been a ton of mistakes. There hasn't been a ton of bad things that have gone on. But our motto is to play the grass every day. Grow every day and get better every day."

Leadership can carry a team a long ways, and as Josh Gordon and Ray Rice are suspended for their off the field trouble this offseason, Jennings wants his teammates to learn how to trust each other.

"Everything starts with accountability. If you can't be accountable for what you are doing both on and off the field, then obviously as a teammate, we can't trust you and as a coaching staff, you can't be trusted. You can't be relied on to do your job. At the end of the day, we need 11 guys that take the field, whether it's offense, defense, or special teams. Be on the same page, and to be accountable."

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