The groundbreaking for the new Minnesota Vikings stadium will not happen next month as planned.

The timetable has been revised for a November groundbreaking date, but even that is uncertain as negotiations continue between the team and the Minnesota Sports Facilities Association on lease and development agreements.

According to the Pioneer Press, MSFA on chairwoman Michele Kelm-Helgen says the team said it wanted to wait until a review is completed on ownerships ability to finance its share of the stadium.

That's a reference to an audit the Authority has launched following a civil court ruling in New Jersey that the Wilfs -- owners of the Vikings -- defrauded a business partner in a previous development deal.

The audit hopes to ensure ensure the team's $477 million private financial pledge will be met. The rest of the cost is being picked up by the state and city of Minneapolis.

The MSFA says agreements need to be in place by September 15th for construction to stay on track.

The current timetable calls for construction to start in November in order for the team to move in for the 2016 season.