Rockstar's released a new title update for Grand Theft Auto 5 which will add a new mode and other content to GTA Online.

The free update brings Capture game types to GTA Online. There are four different Capture types, each of which offers something slightly different to the standard Capture the Flag scenario.

  • Raid: There are two maps (Vespucci Beach and Fort Zancudo) in this type. Two teams battle to steal the most crates of t-shirts or weapons (depending on the map) before time runs out. This is the most traditional of the scenarios.
  • Hold: In Chamberlain Hills, two factions must defend their packages from the opposition. The team holding the most packages before time runs out wins.
  • GTA: Teams will fight to be the first to steal specific vehicles from all around Los Santos. One map has you searching for Sanchez bikes, while the other tasks you with nabbing a tractor and securing back at your base.
  • Contend: On Chumash Beach, two factions must fight for the package in the middle of the map. Once captured and secured, it respawns. First team to the limit walks away the champ.

Additionally, there are 20 new jobs scattered in and around Los Santos. The constant stream of new content more than gives us a reason to return to GTA Online with all our friends over holiday break.