Some gameplay footage from Grand Theft Auto 5's GTA Online content creator have leaked ahead of the update's release. Take a look at a quick glimpse of what awaits.

The footage comes from YouTube user LiveUnknownHacks (aka Funmw2), who is the same person that leaked the audio file details about the potential casino and racing content hidden in GTA's most recent DLC. Here, he's posted a short video of the content creator in action. Though Rockstar has already announced content creation would be coming to GTA Online eventually, the update still hasn't been dated. According to Funmw2, the creation tools are already inside the game, they just haven't been unlocked for everyone to use yet.

As you can see in the video, there's a map in a parking lot, and you'll have the ability to set spawn points, weapon placement and other props to fill the map. You don't get to see much beyond the menu layout, but it will be interesting to see just what kind of options and matches players create once they are granted access.

There's still no telling when we'll get to play, or when online heists are coming, but after the early issues with GTA Online, Rockstar seemingly has everything running smoothly. Now we'll just have to wait.