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    Scott Miller

    4:35 PM Scott Miller CBS Sports - Scott is a MLB columnist/reporter for CBS Sports.  He will join Jeff to talk about the latest reports on the recent PED use by some of Major League Baseball's elite.  They will also discuss the recent mega-deal that Felix Hernandez received.

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    Brad Peterson

    5:05 PM Brad Peterson ESPN 99.1 - Brad is the co-host of the Sports Buffet weekdays at 3pm on ESPN 99.1.  He joins Jeff every Monday to discuss the local sports scene.  They will talk about the latest High School Basketball Poll and look towards possible seeds in the AA Tournament.

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    Brian Engblom

    5:35 PM Brian Engblom NBC Sports Analyst - Brian is a former NHL Player and current NHL Analyst.  He will join Jeff to talk about the NHL Season so far and look at some of the teams that have started out the shortened season hot.