Originally released as a Windows Phone exclusive, Halo: Spartan Assault will now be finding its way onto Microsoft's current and next-gen consoles in December.

Microsoft broke the news on Xbox Wire that 343 Industries is teaming with Vanguard Games to bring the twin-stick shooter to consoles, and all 30 missions from the original phone version will be making the jump. So at least there will be one Halo game hitting the Xbox One this year.

There will be a co-op mode included, and some additional weapons added into the mix. However, real concrete details are a little sparse at the moment beyond knowing the port will be out before year's end.

That said, getting Halo: Spartan Assault on more platforms can only be good for the title. With 76 million potential customers on the Xbox 360 and however many millions of people buy the Xbox One this holiday, there should be some solid sales for the newest Halo title, different as it is from the franchise norm.