On Tuesday night, the Miami Heat lost to the worst team in the NBA, in my Washington Wizards on the road.

Despite Lebron James going for another triple double and dropping 26pts, 13rebs and 11assists, the Heat fell 101-105.

As it happens so often in the media world, the talking heads began to claim the Miami Heat have fallen into a "Championship Hangover".

Give me a break!

The Heat are currently 12-4 on the season and a far cry from the 8-10 record of the Los Angeles Lakers who were the consensus pick to face the Heat in this year's NBA Finals.

They are also tied a top the Eastern Conference with the Knicks as the best team, not to mention they are 7-3 in their last 10 games.

Those that want to criticize obviously are beginning to drink too much "haterade" once again.

Look at the stats, check out their roster and re-examine the "hangover" analysis.

These guys are geared for one thing and one thing only, repeating as NBA Champs, not winning 82 out of 82 games.

Its a marathon in the NBA, not a sprint and even under that premiss, they are leading the sprint.

I know the Heat should win by default when they step on the court with the type of talent they have vs. a team like the Wizards, but this is the NBA, not the NFL and these things happen.

Plus, I would contend that the Heat overlooked the Wizards on their way to their showdown with that team that is tied with them in the East. They host the New York Knicks on Thursday on TNT and I'm sure they'll be ready to play.

So check back with me in May, when the Heat are sweeping through the playoffs on their way to a third strait NBA Finals and see what adjectives you have to describe them then.