I have never landed a trophy buck. I have seen them before, no lie. But I only see them up close with a rifle in hand when I have a tag that does not allow me to shoot it.

When the day comes when I have an any deer license and I am confronted with a trophy buck, I am sure that I will be so overcome with buck fever I will probably forget that the safety has to be taken off before pulling the trigger, and I'll wonder why the rifle isn't going off. If I encounter six bucks that look like something off the cover of Outdoor Life I'll probably faint.

This video posted by Texas Bone Hunters on Facebook shows five very nice trophy bucks just meandering around on a dirt road. Then a sixth that may have the biggest rack of all of them comes out of the trees. It's not clear where this video was taken or how old it is, but it is fun to drool over.

Which one would I target? The closest one.

So you're in your blind and these fellas show up. Which one? Right to left 1-6

Posted by Texas Bone Hunters on Sunday, August 23, 2015