The Minnesota Wild are on the verge of elimination once again by the Chicago Blackhawks. The series has me thinking of the teams that constantly eliminate the Minnesota teams.

I'll admit, the series isn't technically over but it is. The Wild are not coming back from 3-0 down with the way they have played. If they do, I'll gladly eat the crow that comes with it while cheering them on in the next round. For a third straight year, the Blackhawks are just a better team. Period.

It should come as no surprise that the Wild's playoff killer is the Blackhawks. Chicago defeated the Wild in five games in 2013, and six games in 2014. Overall the Blackhawks are 11-3 all time against the Wild in the playoffs. Minnesota has also had no luck against Anaheim in the playoffs, with an overall 1-8 record.

The Minnesota Twins haven't been in the post season since 2010 and the story ended the same way it did in 2009, 2004, and 2003 with series losses to the New York Yankees. New York has had Minnesota's number in the postseason with an overall record of 12-2. The two wins for the Twins came in game one of both the ALDS in 2003 and 2004. Overall since 2000, the Yankees hold a 83-37 game advantage in all regular season and playoff games. Minnesota has also never defeated Boston in the post season, going 0-6 all time against the Red Sox.

Six teams have a 1-0 record against the Minnesota Vikings in the playoffs, but one team has multiple victories without a loss against them. Philadelphia holds a commanding 3-0 advantage over the Vikings in the post season. The last game played between the two in the playoffs came in 2008 when the Eagles handed the Vikings a 26-14 loss in the Wild Card Round. Philadelphia also beat the Vikings in 2005 (27-14 Divisional Round), and in 1981 (31-16 Divisional Round). San Francisco is another team the Vikings struggle against in the post season, as the 49ers hold a 4-1 advantage. The lone win against the 49ers in the post season was in 1988.

There is a lack of playoff experience to say the least for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Since the team's inception in 1990, the Wolves have only made the post season eight times. They are 17-30 all time in the post season, with a majority of the losses coming against the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers hold a 8-4 playoff record against the Wolves and last defeated them in six games during the 2004 Western Conference Finals. San Antonio has also knocked Minnesota out of the playoffs twice, both times in the first round back when the series was only five games.

On the positive side, each Minnesota team has one team that they have had luck against in the playoffs.

The Timberwolves hold a 4-1 advantage over Denver in the post season. St. Louis wishes that the Rams wouldn't ever face the Vikings in the post season as the Vikings hold a 5-2 advantage. Arizona has also never beat the Vikings, losing twice. The Twins are 4-1 in the playoffs against both Detroit and Toronto, while the Wild are 4-3 against Vancouver and 10-10 against Colorado.

While it hurts to get eliminated by the same teams constantly, at least teams from Minnesota actually make the post season at times. Guess that's another bright side.