Kenny Hansen, from Nunda, South Dakota, was one of the all time fan favorites when he drove race cars. He had a following that most other racers wished they had.

The reason he attracted cheers was simple. He was a good driver, he ran good equipment and most importantly, he was someone people could relate to.

Hansen is from rural small town South Dakota. He's a hard working successful farmer raising cattle and corn.

And he's someone you can talk to just like somebody you bump into at a coffee shop or local gas station.

And on the track in a sprint car he drove clean and hard. If someone needed help, he was the first guy there. If someone pushed him around on the track, he would give them a no uncertain terms reaction.

Kenny has been a good friend of mine for many years. I had the pleasure of announcing many races that he drove in.

I was very pleased to see him inducted into the Huset's Speedway Hall of Fame in 2015. I caught up with him the night of the induction ceremony and recorded this video for you to watch.

Kenny said, "We just kept moving up and trying different things and it turned out pretty good." In talking about his wife he added, "It's kind of a strange deal, tonight is our 30th anniversary."