Ok, so maybe not every single interest in the world, but it's pretty close.  That is what Sporcle.com provides with its extensive library of trivia games.

I stumbled onto Sporcle recently as I was searching the google maching and have been hooked. It's a great site to play trivia in your interest fields as well as broaden your horizons to different topics as well.

Being a sports radio host you would think I would jump right to the sports trivia games, but no, I went with geography and was able to identify 35 states by their picture in six minutes.

Again, for a sports guy, that is very good if you are scoring at home.

The sports ones, my interests, have been great educational tools too.  Getting a history lesson while testing my own knowledge on so many different sports and topics.

I have also playing some of the trivia games in different categories with my wife.  A fun thing to do at home on a weeknight.

The best part to it all is the games on Sporcle are FREE.

I'm always looking for different ways to be entertained, hope you enjoy the tip.