Another baseball season is underway, and there's nothing better than sitting back and enjoying a game with an expensive beer.

Business Insider releases a study each season detailing the price of beer at each Major League Baseball stadium. They have managed to even break it down to the price per ounce.

For the Minnesota Twins fans, the beer prices might put a little hurt on the wallet this summer. The Twins and Target Field are fourth in the MLB in highest beer prices at $7.50 for a beer. They trail only Boston, Chicago Cubs, and Philadelphia at $7.75 per beverage. Arizona and Cleveland offer the cheapest beer at $4.00.

Business Insider

On the surface those are the numbers that are going to appear to the fans when they enter the concourse looking for a brew. When it is broken down by the ounce, the story changes a bit. Minnesota offers 20 ounces of beer for $7.50, whereas the Red Sox offer 12 ounces of beer for $7.75. Boston charges 65 cents per ounce compared to 38 cents in Minnesota. The Twins move from having the fourth highest total beer price to being in the top 10 in total beer value.

Boston charges the most per ounce, by far, at 65 cents. Seattle, New York Yankees, and Miami all charge 50 cents per ounce. The best deal for beer is actually in Los Angeles as the Angels only charge 28 cents per ounce of beer!

Business Insider

So if you're planning a trip to Target Field, and think the beer price is a little excessive, just remember that the beer is among the best value in MLB. Now if only the production on the field would increase in value also.