Hold onto your butts, because Heroes of Newerth has just released an announcer pack featuring Samuel L. Jackson.

As you can see, or rather hear, from the video above that's laden with NSFW language, Samuel L. Jackson has lent his voice to Heroes of Newerth as an announcer.

S2Games announced the release of the "Samuel L. Jackson BAMF Announcer Pack" yesterday and debuted the video above, which is full of colorful lines like "Welcome to Newerth, motherf*cker!" and "Mmmmm, tasty!" Many of the lines mirror some of his more famous quotes from his filmography.

You might feel your skills in battle being augmented by Mr. Jackson's badass voice, but there are probably no performance-enhancing effects from buying the announcer pack.

Check out the video above and look for the pack in the Heroes of Newerth store today.