Let's keep pushing along with the League of Legends love train by featuring one of the game's more popular Champions in a cool, alternate outfit. Say hello to High Command Katarina, today's Cosplay of the Day.

Everyone's favorite assassin in League of Legends looks even fiercer in her High Command garb. Just imagine following that flowing red hair into battle, knowing that she'll slice and dice anything in her path with her twin swords. Also, she kicks an innumerable amount of ass while wearing heels, making her the most badass assassin ever.

This is Spicy-Seasoning, a cosplayer from the US, who is rocking a fairly ornate outfit. The suit is just the right amount of "sexy" and "kickass," letting Spicy embody Katarina perfectly. We've got to give her extra props for having all four of Katarina's blades recreated accurately, adding to the overall quality of the cosplay.

Check out some more of her great video game cosplay on deviantART and let us know which ones you enjoyed the most!


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