Hold up one second here.  Did I hear this right, did Reggie Miller actually say he'd take Larry Bird over Lebron James in his prime?

Well apparently Mr. Miller did and I'm guessing there had to be some alcohol involved.

My response is actually very simple, I think Reggie miller is a bit misguided on that statement.

To be honest it's not really his fault he is wrong. It's human nature.

Think about it, for the most part, everything you did, every era you competed in was better.

Ask your grandparents their opinion of the best era of the United States and some would say the 50's.  I would say ICK.

No sense of fashion, racials issues, women didn't have as many rights, no technology as we know it today.  I good on that era, but in their minds it was the BEST.

In 30 years, i'll be telling my grandkids about how great this generation is and they'll be rolling their eyes at me too.

Lebron is a better player than Larry Bird, plain and simple.  In a much better NBA across the board and a league that has much more athletic and gifted players, he has continued to dominate.
Plus, Bird, who I still contend in a top 20 player all time, was elevated by better players around him.  In a more down NBA during Bird's prime, more of the top players resided on his and Magic's teams that no wonder they won as much as they did.

Other than Lebron's hiatus to Miami for four years, he's had a B list supporting cast at best until this year in Cleveland until they all decided to get hurt during the playoffs.

Bird would not of been as successful today and those who can't see that are clouded by a bias opinion on the "glory days".

If for nothing else just use your eyes, look at Lebron and look at Larry Bird.  Enough said.

Reggie probably thinks he's the best 3-point shooter of all time too and we all know that is Ray Allen.

A flare for the dramatic give me Miller.  Need a shot whenver and wherever on the court, give me Ray Ray.