Whether you like it or not, the MLB All Star Game winner takes home field advantage to the World Series for their respective league.

2014, will feature the American League having home field advantage this October in the World Series.

In a game that featured more offensive than what we've seen as of late in the mid summer classic, the crowd certainly enjoyed the performance from both teams.

The American League jumped out to a 3-0 lead after one inning, seeing that evaporate to a 3-3 tie all the way into the bottom half of the fifth.

But when the fifth inning was complete, the score was 5-3 and the American League never looked back.

Aided by great pitching, the American League rode the two run lead all the way to the end winning 5-3 over the National League.

You never know what to expect at a All Star Game other than that everyone involved has a good time and now the American League will have a leg up with the home field advantage in this years World Series.