Military Service Branch: Army National Guard
Rank: Captain
Where Are They Stationed: Sioux Falls
Submitted By: Greg Machmiller (Father)

Shannon went to basic training between High School and college. After completing basic training and her advanced training, Shannon came back to South Dakota and enrolled in SDSU. She quickly made up for time away from education and entered her junior year with her peers. She also was awarded a two year Army ROTC scholarship and graduated with a degree in psychology and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army Reserve. Shortly after competing her Army Officer basic course she was deployed to Afghanistan. While in Afghanistan she was interviewed for a job with the Brookings Police Department and entered the police academy upon returning from deployment. She served five years with the Brookings PD and also was deployed to Afghanistan 2 more times during that period. When she returned from her third deployment she qualified for a position in an Advanced Nursing program w ith SDSU where she did five semesters of college in 12 months and earned a degree as a Registered Nurse. She is currently a nurse at Avera McKennon Hospital and Commander of HHC, 197th MEB in Sioux Falls.