When the “Honey Badger” wants something, the “Honey Badger’’ takes what he wants. In this case, the “Honey Badger” wants a spot in the NFL.

Former LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu announced Thursday he is entering the NFL draft in April.

Last years Heisman finalist was kicked off the LSU team in August for failed drug tests and has had brushes with the law in his continued use of Mary Jane.

He could of transferred to another lower-division school to play this season, instead, he re-enrolled at LSU but obviously is not playing for the Tigers on the field.

In a statement released about his decision, Mathieu said, "it is time for me to move forward."

In 2011, Mathieu was a beast on the field garnering the “Honey Badger” nickname as he forced 6 fumbles; racked up 6 TD’s and ended up being 3rd in FBS in punt return yards.

Although Mathieu has had a lot of trouble since the end to the 2011 season, it shouldn’t matter as far as him eventually getting drafted come April.

The NFL is a 2nd chance league and although this may be Mathieu’s third or fourth chance, he should here his name called come draft time.

Mathieu has continued to praise the University throughout all the ordeals and even thanked LSU fans for their continued support and said he was working on correcting his personal problems and that he looked to move forward as a productive member of society.