When we have company coming over my wife spends the day making sure every room in the house is spotless!

My job is to vacuum and make sure all the cat toys are picked up. The cat's job is to annoy me by taking said toys and doing whatever he damn well pleases.

When someone comes over to your house and it's a mess, what are they most likely to judge? A new survey found the number one thing is the ODOR.

The question is: What are they going to JUDGE?

According to this new survey, the thing that people are most likely to notice is a terrible SMELL.  Clutter is second, a dirty toilet bowl is third and dirty kitchen counters are fourth.

The survey also found the cleaning chores we hate doing the most are scrubbing the shower, and cleaning the toilet.

And only 5% of people hire a maid to clean their house. The other 95% do it themselves or split it with their family.

Vacuum, shaking rugs and cat-toy-inventory are always on my list.

Damn cat!