It was a special day for Veterans on Sunday March 29, 2015 during the SD Honors Vietnam Veterans Proclamation Ceremony.  Many activities were planned in Pierre and were well attended.  Here in Sioux Falls Veterans gathered at the DAV for special homecoming events according to KDLT TV.

Ritchie Wilson went to Vietnam in the spring of 1970. "Over this time I’ve had an issue with Post traumatic stress disorder, agent orange,when many of us came home from Vietnam there were alcohol issues, there might have been drug issues, mental health issues, homelessness.  It’s a healing process and it’s something that the younger generation needs to know.”

Gene Murphy reflects on his time in Vietnam. “I was shot up in April. I always call April 20th as come alive day, and that is the day I always say the good Lord let me live. I volunteer all my time with the disabled American Veterans.

Governor Dennis Daugaard said at the ceremony in Pierre that most Vietnam War era vets didn't get the respect they deserved when they came back from service and saying thank you can't be said enough. A wreath was placed at the Vietnam War Statue while a war era helicopter flew over the gathering, briefly pausing over Capital Lake.