After a really nice 2015 I was excited about the 2016 Minnesota Twins season. But when I was looking at the roster and saw that almost nothing changed from last year, with the exception of adding Korean stud Byung Ho Park, I had a feeling it wouldn't go well. I'm a Twins fan, what do you expect? And I hate it when I'm right.

On Saturday someone in the Twins dugout yelled "Nice hustle" to Blue Jays infielder Josh Donaldson for barely moving in the direction of first base after hitting a ground ball. Donaldson said something back but umpire Tony Basner thought was directed at him. Basner ejected Donaldson.

On Sunday in his first at-bat, Donaldson crushed a home run to center field. After crossing home plate he glared at the the Twins dugout.

Predictably, Twins pitcher Phil Hughes threw at Donaldson in his next at-bat. But because Hughes is a Twin, or maybe because he doesn't walk many batters, he failed to hit Donaldson with a pitch. Twice.

To me this is already the defining moment of the Twins 2016 season.

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