Figure skating for many spectators is a every four year deal, but when events like the World Championships and Olympics come around, many casual observers have some questions about what they are watching.

How much do they practice?

When did they start skating?

Is this their full time job?

How much money do they make for competing?

What is the hardest part of their routine?

All those are very valid questions and all are questions I have had while watching the sport, but the one I never have had answered is, "How do they choose the music they use for their competitions?"

Now I have that answer after US Figure Skater Adam Rippon answered that exact question for VOX.

Rippon has become a fixture at this year's Olympics in South Korea and has been one of the main figures who has become a fan favorite.

He has become a fan favorite for me as well, but even more so now that answered this questions that has been bugging me for years.


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