It's not that I don't enjoy basketball. It's fun to play, what with all the running and jumping and taking the rock to the hole, and other references I remember from 90's rap songs. But, March Madness time is like the day after the Super Bowl; everybody has an expert opinion and they insists of expressing them.

Those brackets look all filled out to me.                                                    Photo:

Since I cannot forbid others from talking (I've checked) and because many of my loved-ones continue to insist that I not be such "a jerk," and that I should make an effort to "politely interact with other humans,"  I've adopted the IT Crowd's Sport Interaction Method. This simple small talk lifehack can help you too. Watch a demonstration of the Method in action.

As I've gotten older, I've learned that maybe I should let some of that nerd rage go and care less about what other people like. You know, let others do their thing. Because it's possible that, maybe, I can be kind of annoying with the stuff I'm into.

When I hear people talking about March Madness, or any sporing event, maybe that's what it sounds like to other people when they hear me and other fans talking about the Walking Dead on Monday mornings.

"Well in the comic Carol isn't around, and the story unfolded a bit different here and they never went to the CDC and that hospital plot-line wasn't there..."

Or like when I take any opportunity to talk Star Trek.

OK, so I guess I can tough it out through March Madness, because other people put up with me when I do this.

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