The 2014 NFL Draft is right around the corner, but it still feels like forever away. The NFL moved their annual draft two weeks back in conjunction due to a scheduling conflict with Radio City Music Hall.

That event for Radio City Music Hall never happened. It was postponed until next year. Even with that being the case, the belief is that the NFL will win for moving the Draft back a couple of weeks.

Business wise, that makes a lot of sense. The NFL Scouting Combine takes place in March, NFL Free Agency in April, and now the NFL Draft in May. They have figured out a way to make themselves relevant in almost every month of the calendar year.

They figure that the longer people wait the anticipation would build even more. For most, I believe that this is the case. More mock drafts have been released, more rumors are swirling, and more "what if" scenarios are constantly being casted in an attempt to make some sense of what is a crazy, unpredictable event.

But, much like the guy who puts Christmas lights up in September, the anticipation may also hit a peak. I've felt that over the course of the last few weeks. NFL fans might be programmed for the NFL Draft to be in late April. Thus leading to a slight burnout of all the hoopla.

The constant "NFL Mock Draft version 200" and "_____ is interested in Johnny Football!!!!!" is getting a little old. The fact is, nobody really knows until the card is submitted and the pick is made. Until then, it just feels like going through a complete circle.

If the NFL Draft officially moves to May each year, the anticipation will reset and we will all become accustomed to it. But this year, the extra two weeks has seemed to make me more sick of all the build instead of more hyped.

I might be completely alone in feeling that everything peaked a couple weeks ago, but if we could just move the days along to get to the actual party then we'll all be ready. I think we can all agree on that.