Former professional wrestler CM Punk made his UFC debut at UFC 203 this past weekend. His two minute performance has him running to the bank.

Let's be honest, CM Punk's chances of winning the fight were pretty low but he was also one of the main selling points of UFC 203. He didn't deserve to get paid more than other fighters on a pure FIGHTER level, but he sure as heck deserves every penny that he got paid for being one of the main draws of the show.

The incomes have been released by the Ohio Athletic Commission to ESPN. CM Punk was paid $500,000 for his appearance and performance at UFC 203. That does not include a potential pay-per-view bonus that he could receive based on the amount of buys.

If you want to break it down, CM Punk was paid about $3700 per second inside the octagon.

His opponent Mickey Gall? Gall was guaranteed $15,000 for the fight and earned an extra $15,000 for the win.

Stipe Miocic and Allister Overeem, who headlined the show, were paid $600,000 and $800,000 respectively.