Each year the Sioux Falls schools are matched up against teams from Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. Here's how they matched up this season against those teams.

It has become common practice over the years for Sioux Falls schools to have to schedule out-of-state games to fill a 20-game schedule. That appears to be changing next season with the Eastern South Dakota Conference dropping their double round robin format and opening up the schedule to play more teams from Sioux Falls. There will still be a few games against out-of-state teams next season, but most of it will be confined to classics.

This season a total of 39 games were played between a Sioux Falls team and a team outside of South Dakota. The results? Almost dead even. Sioux Falls teams went a combined 19-20 against those teams.

Most of the losses this season were against teams from Minnesota. South Dakota teams went 8-14 against Minnesota teams during the season. Every Sioux Falls team outside of the O'Gorman boys had at least one game against a Minnesota school, and each team suffered at least one loss.

Lincoln and Roosevelt were lined up this season against teams from Nebraska. Those two schools were able to secure a 4-1 overall record against Nebraska teams this season.

10 total games were played against Iowa schools, with most of them being out of the Sioux City area. Sioux Falls won the I-29 rivalry 6-4 this season.

Finally, only two games were played against Wisconsin teams this season. Washington and O'Gorman boys both had a chance against Wauwatosa West. Washington came up victorious in an overtime victory, while O'Gorman fell short by eight points.

Here's a full breakdown of all the records by team:


  • Girls (5-1): 2-1 vs. Minnesota, 2-0 vs. Nebraska, 1-0 vs. Iowa
  • Boys (5-2): 3-1 vs. Minnesota, 1-0 vs. Nebraska, 1-1 vs. Iowa


  • Girls (1-2): 0-2 vs. Minnesota, 1-0 vs. Iowa
  • Boys (1-1): 1-0 vs. Iowa, 0-1 vs. Wisconsin


  • Girls (1-3): 0-2 vs. Minnesota, 1-0 vs. Nebraska, 0-1 vs. Iowa
  • Boys (2-3): 1-1 vs. Minnesota, 0-1 vs. Nebraska, 1-1 vs. Iowa


  • Girls (1-5): 1-4 vs. Minnesota, 0-1 vs. Iowa
  • Boys (3-3): 1-3 vs. Minnesota, 1-0 vs. Iowa, 1-0 vs. Wisconsin

Teams Faced

Minnesota (8-14)

  • Champlin Park (B) - (0-1) Def. Washington
  • Champlin Park (G) - (0-1) Def. Washington
  • DeLaSalle (G) - (0-1) Def. O'Gorman
  • Hopkins (B) - (0-2) Def. Lincoln, Def. Washington
  • Hopkins (G) - (0-1) Def. Washington
  • Marshall (B) - (2-1) Lincoln/Washington Wins. Def. Roosevelt
  • Marshall (G) - (2-1) Lincoln/Washington Wins. Def. Roosevelt
  • Minneapolis Patrick Henry (B) - (1-0) Lincoln Win
  • Minneapolis Patrick Henry (G) - (1-0) Lincoln Win
  • Minnetonka (G) - (0-1) Def. Roosevelt
  • Moorhead (B) - (2-0) Lincoln/Roosevelt Wins
  • Moorhead (G) - (0-2) Def. O'Gorman, Def. Washington
  • Prior Lake (B) - (0-1) Def. Washington
  • St. Michael-Albertville (G) - (0-2) Def. Lincoln, Def. Washington

Iowa (6-4)

  • Bishop Heelan (B) - (1-0) Roosevelt Win.
  • Sioux City East (B) - (1-1) Washington Win. Def. Lincoln
  • Sioux City East (G) - (2-0) Lincoln/O'Gorman Wins
  • Sioux City North (B) - (1-0) O'Gorman Win
  • Sioux City West (B) - (1-0) Lincoln Win
  • Western Christian (B) (0-1) Def. Roosevelt
  • Western Christian (G) - (0-2) Def. Roosevelt, Def. Washington

Nebraska (4-1)

  • Crofton (G) - (1-0) Lincoln Win
  • Omaha Bryan (B) - (0-1) Def. Roosevelt
  • Omaha Bryan (G) - (1-0) Roosevelt Win
  • South Sioux City (B) - (1-0) Lincoln Win
  • South Sioux City (G) - (1-0) Lincoln Win

Wisconsin (1-1)

Wauwatosa West (B) - (1-1) Washington Win, Def. O'Gorman

Total: Out-of-State 20, Sioux Falls 19


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