A recent conversation has me thinking. How exactly do you explain how watching the NFL Draft is fun?

Let's think about this for a second. Every year NFL fans gather and spend hours watching no action or game. Teams get on the clock, spend ten minutes thinking about it, and make their pick. 31 picks will be made on Thursday night in the first round and if each team takes the entire time allowed to pick that will make for a five hour plus broadcast.

I've always been a huge fan of the NFL Draft. I would spend my Saturday's (before it went into prime time) in front of the TV waiting for the picks to come in. But people would always ask me what I found interesting about it.

Is it the player profiles? Is it the countless mock drafts prior to the draft? Is it just because I want to see what my favorite team does?

It is kind of a mix of all of those. But on top of it all is the drama that surrounds it. The surprise picks, the reaction of fans, and the trades. Over the year's we have seen complete busts, surprises, and team's mortgaging their future on one player. The ten minutes between picks becomes a psychological game of "What in the world is this team going to do next?"

Truth is, we don't really know how things will pan out until about two years after the draft. But the NFL Draft brings optimism to franchises. Teams drafting early feel like they've boosted themselves, while prior year playoff teams look for that one last missing puzzle piece. That is the key ingredient to get fans enticed.

And, of course, it's always glorious to see reactions when fans don't get the guy that they think.

Settle on in. Five hours of the 1st round of the NFL Draft is tomorrow night and I can't wait!

Overtime with Jeff Thurn will be live from Chicago and the NFL Draft Thursday and Friday from 3-6 pm. Full coverage of the NFL Draft will also be on ESPN 99.1 on Thursday and Friday night.

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