When you ask most men what they would like their significant other to surprise them with it usually devolves into some form of sexual pleasure. Let's face it - men are pretty simple regardless of how high maintenance some women think they are.

What happens when you take THAT answer out of the question?

Apparently, that recently happened on the social media website Reddit. In the section AskReddit, a woman posted the following question:

"What's something you would like your girlfriend to surprise you with randomly?" She also added "Please no one say BJ, i know thats at the top of everyones list." See, told you, simple.

Here are some of the answers. And ladies - take note. Not all of them are that complicated. Again, we're a simple lot.

  1. Hugs from behind while I'm on the computer, random back rubs, initiating sex (oops - guess this guy didn't read the whole question), bringing home some kind of food.
  2. Headscratch. My brain shuts down when a pretty girl plays with my hair/scratches my head. I loved the follow-up comment to this one: i instantly understand why dogs are so damn happy all the time.
  3. Random shoulder/back massages are always nice.
  4. Just a compliment once in a while would be nice, my girlfriend never seems to.
  5. Her planning an entire day with me knowing nothing about it. As someone who makes majority of the decisions this would be nice.
  6. Tell him to get into the shower with you and to relax. Wash his body, every inch of it... No need for sexy time, that can come after. Just be in the moment.
  7. I'm always a sucker for random affection. My mind gets in my way sometimes, if that makes any sense, and when my girlfriend randomly plays with my hair, or takes my hand, or sidles up next to me just to be close, or does any number of other affectionate things, I just appreciate her all the more.
  8. Oh, and apparently we like food (no surprise) - a lot of the suggestions were about bringing them random food at random times (at work, while watching TV, etc.).

So there you have it ladies. What do you think?