If Connor McGregor was to pull off the huge upset of Floyd Mayweather on Saturday, most all believe it will have to come in a TKO fashion.

It seems almost impossible that McGregor steps into the boxing ring for the first time and does so against a man who is 49-0 and somehow pulls off the upset by out boxing him and winning in a decision.

So if McGregor does knock Mayweather out, how will it happen?

To answer the question, I have to first throw out the prerequisite that a knockout from McGregor doesn't mean a win for McGregor.

We all know he isn't a skilled boxer, so a combination of things could come together for him to knock out Floyd while being disqualified in the process.

The options are simple.  Either McGregor knocks him out traditionally with his fist, or he goes a different route.  That route may be a elbow, may be a knee, may be a foot or he may just say screw it, and take his $100 million and choke out Mayweather before leaving the ring.

We threw up a poll question on my show ask the people what they thought.  Although the numbers are still coming in, the people believe a traditional knockout is in store.

Whatever the case may be, the spectacle that is McGregor vs. Mayweather is bound to have as much talk after the fight as it did leading up to it.