Huset's Speedway is now offering pay-per-view event streaming of nearly every event through a new partnership with Stretch Internet. Stretch Internet is one of the largest sports streaming companies in the United States.

Events scheduled for broadcast will be available live and on demand. To view the 2014 schedule of streamed events, visit the Huset’s Portal.

Desktop computer users will need Flash 10.0 or greater and an Internet connection with a download speed of at least 1.0 Mbps (1,000 Kbps) for video broadcasts. You can measure your connection speed.

Stretch Internet streams are also currently supported on the iPhone platform, which includes the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad plus mobile devices that fully support Flash 10.1.

The audio for the broadcasts will be play-by-play by the track announcers. It will come directly from the Huset's Speedway PA system.

Fans have already signed up from around the globe from as far away as Australia.