Tecmo Koei and Nintendo are teaming to bring a new Legend of Zelda title putting Link into the center of a Dynasty Warriors-style action game.

Due in 2014, Hyrule Warriors (the working title) looks just like all your favorite Dynasty Warriors games, but with Zelda influences. The brief gameplay trailer showed off Link battling dozens of enemies in front of Hyrule castle, with big exaggerated attacks.

Hyrule Warriors will be available on the Wii U, but Iwata made sure to add this game wouldn't count as the next entry in The Legend of Zelda series. Nintendo has been experimenting with team-ups as of late, with developers like Atlus and Tecmo Koei now seeing the benefits of working with Nintendo licenses.

We'll have more on Hyrule Warriors (including its final name) as soon as Nintendo has more to share.