For years I have wondered why Bill Belichick wears a hoodie on the sideline.

I have taken those curiosities to media night during Super Bowl week on multiple occasions only to be answered by Belichick with a "I don't know" or "I'lm not sure".

Considering Belichick is a fashion connoisseur and is usually dressed amazingly well outside of football with some of the best suits money can buy, it is really weird that he rocks a totally different wardrobe on football time.

So then why does he wear the hoodies during the games or cut off t-sihirts at press conferences?

One of my goals this year during Super Bowl week was to track down the true answer and I think I have found it.

I talked to a person recently who said he had heard it was because Bill wanted to stick it to the NFL over their non suits policy on the sideline.

Taking that knowledge and speaking to a couple other people who are familiar with the Patriots, I believe the answer is that Belichick does indeed use the hoodie as a mechanism to stick it to the NFL.

In addition to those sources, ESPN's Michael Wilbon said this week on PTI, that Belichick does wear the hoodie to protest against the NFL for not allowing him to wear suits on the sideline.

Whether all of this is 100% accurate or not may be up for debate, but I sure hope it all is true, because nothing epitomizes Belichick more than rebelling against the NFL while utilize the always comfortable "hoodie".