If you have a concealed carry permit you likely know, and should know, the states you are allowed to carry in and that Minnesota is not one of them. I spend a lot of time in the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" and would like to add that state. Lots of people, a few of whom I know, have taken the Utah concealed carry class lately and acquiring their nonresident permit. They were taking this class from various instructors for one simple reason, the class and permit is cheaper than Minnesota's. You also would pick up Nebraska and Wisconsin.

The Utah class I took was $40 and the application for a nonresident was only $49. One Minnesota class I found is offered for $125 and the application fee, which can vary by county, is usually $100. At a difference of $136 that was a no-brainer.

On Saturday I received an email from the instructor of the Utah class I took informing me that on Monday of last week Minnesota no longer will recognize the Utah permit. The reason the permit will no longer be recognized is because "Utah law does not require permit-holders to demonstrate shooting proficiency."

That was really bad news for me. I had just sent off my application. I'm going to have to put a stop payment on my card to prevent getting a permit I don't want.

South Dakota's new enhanced permit will be recognized by Minnesota. The cost of that permit is $100 but so far the only classes are being offered in Pierre. That's likely to change but it's not convenient if you live in Sioux Falls or Rapid City. And it does not appear that Nebraska currently will recognize the enhanced permit.

For now, if you want to pick up all of the nearby states for your carry permit, Minnesota is still the option to go with, it's just a more expensive option. If I am unable to stop my Utah application from being processed I will still pick up Nebraska, but I don't go to Nebraska very often, and I will get Nebraska when I get a Minnesota permit anyway.