Monday night, while watching the SDSU - USD men's Summit League semifinal game live from the Denny Sanford Premiere Center, I did something I'm not very proud of - I got on social media and complained about the technical difficulties Midco Sports Network was having.

Let me be more specific, I actually commented on someone else's complaint - still doesn't make it right.  Suzette and I were watching the game when about halfway through the first half the picture and audio started messing up.  I understand Midco also had some trouble during the afternoon game between the lady jacks and Oral Roberts.

After commenting that I wished the folks at Midco would 'get their poop in a group,' someone who I know jumped in on the conversation and basically said to the rest of us, we should instead be thanking Midco for making the investment, and broadcasting all the Summit League games.  That's when it dawned on me - she was right!

Did they plan for this to happen during the biggest games of the tournament?  Of course not!  There was no way for them to know.  I'm sure once word spread that they were having problems (which I found out later was a fiber optics thing) they called in every engineer within a 10 county area.

Given what I've learned since last night, I would like to formally apologize to everyone at Midco Sports Network.  Getting on social media was the easy - and cowardly - way out.  It's easy to kick someone when they're down.  Was I frustrated?  Yes.  But that still didn't warrant me airing my frustrations over Facebook.

Nowadays, it's way too easy for us to hide behind social media and air our dirty laundry - or someone else's, like what I did to Midco.  And the sad part of it is, a lot of the people who work at Midco I'm friends with.  I learned a valuable lesson Monday night - THINK BEFORE PUTTING SOMETHING ON SOCIAL MEDIA!

And to those of you at Midco Sports Network who may be reading this - I'M SORRY!  On behalf of everyone in the region, THANK YOU for airing the Summit League basketball games!