I really am a Minnesota Twins fan. Wholeheartedly, I root for the Twins and care about no other baseball team the same way. I didn't always feel that way.

I am also a recovering former Chicago Cubs fan, with whom I ended my abusive relationship in 2010. I got hooked in 1985 when my He-Man cartoon on WGN was interrupted by this baseball team playing in front of a brick wall. Eventually I started watching the games and became a fan. Then after 25 years of suffering the curse of a Cubs fan, I went to the team I had really been following more closely in recent years because I could watch them on Fox Sports North everyday.

On Saturday my wife and I, along with some other family, will be attending the Twins game against the Cubs. I've got great seats that my father-in-law acquired from someone he knows, right behind the visitors dugout which is prime ball-getting territory.

I love baseball. Without question, it is my favorite sport. I have no idea how many major league games I've been to, probably in the neighborhood of 50, but I've never snagged a ball. Foul or tossed in the crowd, a ball has never come my way. And while the Twins are my team, the one I root for and cheer when win and cuss them when they lose, I am a bigger fan of the game. I appreciate every weird nuance about it; the non-standard outfield dimensions, the randomness of nine innings with no clock, the scientific study of it's statistics, and the confluence of brute power and ballet-like athleticism. That's why I devised a plan to take advantage of my seats, though it may be a little underhanded.

As a former Cubs fan, I still have some old hats, a t-shirt or two, and a sweet Mark Grace jersey. I plan to wear the hat and jersey to my seat in the hopes that a Cubs player will notice the only guy not wearing Twins gear behind their dugout, and he'll toss me a ball. After I collect the ball, my 2015 home Twins cap goes on and Mark Grace comes off my back, exposing the hidden Joe Mauer underneath.

Does this devious plan make me a bad Twins fan? I don't think so. I feel like I am playing a prank on the Cubs more than I am betraying the Twins. My true colors are on underneath. Plus, I'll spend plenty of money on beer and food. They can't get mad about that. Then again with the luck I have, I'll probably bobble the ball and it will fly into the hands of someone behind me.