The Pixel World needs your help. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to save the Pixel World from invaders. Did we mention those invaders are from outer space? Sorry, outer pixel space. Only you posses the skills to dodge enough traps, saws, and monsters to get the job done. Fend off 8-bit Aliens in this fun, fast paced platform adventure. Today's Free App of the Day -- Impossible Pixel!

Look out! The Pixel world has been attacked by aliens! You play as Pixel Man, who must save his world after everyone gets beamed up in the giant spaceships of those no good alien jerks.

In Impossible Pixel, you guide Pixel Man on a thrilling adventure through pixel cities, dark undergrounds, hostile jungles and destroyed spaceships. Be prepared though for you will be travelling fast! The faster the better, because there will be no shortage of scary enemies and deadly obstacles to avoid.

Get yourself a copy of Impossible Pixel today for your iPhone and iPad! (We promise it will not self destruct after you finish downloading it.)