A website called Thrillist isn't trying to sugar coat their findings for this list.  States have their good qualities and their bad qualities.

Thrillist has put together a list showing what every state is the worst at.  According to Thrillist:

 In the interest of showing that every state sucks in some way, we picked out one key area where each is most deficient.

Apparently, no one wants to visit our neighbors to the north.  North Dakota was the least visited.  Thrillist explains their ruling and finds a way to burn South Dakota while they're at it:

Geography isn't really helping North Dakota out, since it's isolated from a lot of the country. But it's not like South Dakota is somehow geographically sexier. The big difference: North Dakota doesn't have a huge tourist attraction like Mt. Rushmore. You know, unless you consider the National Buffalo Museum a must-see.

And, you thought Oklahoma had the most tornadoes.  Not so, according to Thrillist. They say Minnesota has the most tornadoes:

In 2010, Minnesota had 145 tornadoes, statewide. That number nearly equals the number of "Land of 10,000 Lakes" and Fargo references the average Minnesotan encounters from out-of-towners every year.

So, what are our friends in Iowa the worst at?  It's not good.  According to this list Iowa "had the highest racial disparity in marijuana arrests."

Black and white Iowans use marijuana at about the same rate, yet black Iowans are eight times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession. FYI: that's a lot.

After all of that bad news, it has to be better in South Dakota.  Well, it's not.  Although, Thrillist doesn't tell us anything we don't already know.  South Dakota sucks at teacher's pay.

The good news is that teachers aren’t singled out in South Dakota, because everyone gets paid less statewide. South Dakota actually has the lowest salaries in the country. Bad news for employees, great news for employers.

It could be worse, Alaska had the highest chlamydia rate.

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