When one team dominates for a long period of time in a league, it's just time to change the rules. It's been the staple of the Indoor Football League.

The Sioux Falls Storm have dominated the league since its inception in 2009, winning every title but two in that time. They are on the verge of winning a fifth consecutive title. According to the Argus Leader's Mick Garry, the Indoor Football League owners voted last week to restrict veteran players on a roster to seven in 2016. Veteran players are those considered to be in the league more than three years.

The league vote finished at 9-1, and you can easily guess who the lone single no vote was. Instead of waiting for the owners meetings in the offseason to discuss the change, the other owners quickly jumped to a vote as if they were the kid at school who didn't get the last Oreo at lunch and needed to find a way to complain.

This is just another attempt for the Indoor Football League to push the Storm down to the other team's level. Instead of trying to push the other teams to get better, it's just easier to try and collapse one team down. But hey, they're all about trying to make the league better.

What can the Storm do though? Fans immediately took to social media and started writing posts asking the Storm to join another league. Problem, the only league on a higher platform is the Arena Football League which is entirely a different game. Then the question becomes whether it's financially a realistic move and if the AFL would even consider expanding when they have a set 12 team league. Don't think the chances there are high. How about the Champions Indoor Football League? The same league that Omaha, Wichita, Sioux City, Amarillo, and Allen all bolted the IFL for because of the Storm's dominance? Good luck getting acceptance there.

The option at this point seems to be to abide by the new rule and go forward next year. Sioux Falls still has the best facilities, coaching staff, and ownership backing in the league. Players will still want to come to town and will still push to make the roster. The team won't be as "tied down" as the rule would make them appear. In fact, in a year another new rule might instituted to try and derail the team after what I predict would be another successful season.

We'll just add this to the list of times the IFL tried to extinguish the Storm. Add it to 2009 when the league made the Storm forfeit five games due to an off-field insurance violation. Add it to 2012 when the league suspended head coach Kurtiss Riggs for two games in the playoffs for a van that took a player to a charity event.

They overcame both of those major rulings, and the team will overcome this impulsive decision to essentially make the league a development league. This is just another case of success coming with resentment.