The Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena is heating up! Let's see who won this week's round of rumbles.

In the first match-up, it's Aquaman vs. Cyborg. Who did you think would win this fight between aqua-man and machine? The King of Atlantis is often the butt of many jokes, since the general consensus is that he's not as awesome as the rest of the DC superheroes. But he seems to be bringing his A-game when it comes to fighting in Injustice.

We can't even fathom how much it hurts to be stabbed repeatedly with that trident, but Cyborg seems to be able to take the hits well enough that he isn't completely perforated by the end. But alas, Aquaman proves too much for Cyborg and the King of Atlantis reigns supreme, thanks to the help of his shark friend.

The second fight is between Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern, and the rhyme-enthusiast zombie, Solomon Grundy. Hal takes quite a beating from the undead behemoth, but he manages to shoot off some cool light constructs, such as mini-missiles, battering rams, and a brick wall through which he can kick Grundy's zombie behind.

Grundy returns the favor by slamming the hell out of the Green Lantern and stabbing him with one of the knives resting on his shoulder. It isn't long before the Green Lantern seemingly transports the fight to Oa, where he supercharges his ring and unleashes a barrage of light constructs that destroys Grundy's fighting spirit.

Watch the fights below and let us know who you wanted to win and why! And remember to look out for the game when it's released on April 16th, 2013!