Kevin Durant is the second best player in the NBA, but he is quickly becoming the most thin skinned player in the league.

We've seen it in the past from Durant with the way he handled the criticism from his departure from OKC to his burner accounts on social media to combat trolls and even now we are seeing it more so on the court.

Durant returned on Thursday night from injury and found himself ejected before halftime.

That became the 5th ejection of the season for KD and he tallied up his 14th technical foul in the process.

Obviously there has been more friction this year between the officials and players, but Durant just seems to freak out more than others at times, especially in moments that aren't that critical in the game.

This incident came in the 2nd quarter right before halftime.

Now to be fully transparent, Durant appeared to get fouled on the play, but it doesn't excuse him from going over the top on a foul that wasn't that consequential in the overall outcome of the game.

Plus, the greatest player in the game, LeBron James, gets way more non calls than Durant, but somehow the King finds a way to avoid ejections like KD.

Durant needs to chill out, become more aware of the importance of his presence on the court and simply needs to get thicker skin.


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