Politically in South Dakota, 2014 has been extraordinary.  The sheer number of candidates putting together statewide campaigns for public service and the primary process as a result is a story unto itself.  

There is one more series of dominoes to fall before we can finalize the November ballot. The Libertarian Party Convention on August 9 will conclude the process for the nomination process to determine candidates for a number of positions within state government.

Most of the attention surrounds the emergence of Chad Haber into a potential run for Attorney General. His wife, Dr. Annette Bosworth attempted a run for U.S. Senate as a Republican along with four other candidates, but was defeated in the primary by former Governor Mike Rounds.

Haber is exploring a run for top law enforcer as a repudiation of the job being done by current Attorney General Marty Jackley. Haber describes Jackley as more than willing to wield the power of his office.

“He has a tendency to retaliate when he gets angry.”

Haber charges that no one else wanted to oppose Jackley in an election because of that fear.

“Nobody should be able to hold this high of an office in our state without an opponent.”

However Haber found when trying to entice potential candidates to run, a big hurdle stood in the way.

“It would always come down to fear of Marty Jackley and his retaliation.”

As he spoke with Rick Knobe on KSOO’s Viewpoint University Wednesday evening, Haber said that the Libertarian option was the last hope. Haber is currently registered as a Republican, but can switch to Libertarian on the day of the convention. Then he has to make his case to appear on the ballot.

“The party has to nominate me. If a better candidate steps forward that we can get behind, I’ll gladly step aside. There is no one else currently.”

So why would Haber fight the system? Essentially he’s been fighting for the past five years as his wife’s practice had come under fire under allegations of misdeeds from Jackley’s office.

“Five years ago when Annette’s battle with Marty started, the word fraud (came up).  When the Attorney General makes a claim, the first assumption is that there’s something behind it. I could see that they were never going to stop attacking her. I was very rich. So I sold out. That money has gone into medicines for kids and legal defenses. It’s gone.”

Haber’s passion behind his current endeavor boils down to his perception of the Attorney General’s job performance.

“This is how revolutions are supposed to be done in America. We’re supposed to get to the point where we’ve had enough and you stand up and you do something.”

When talking directly to Libertarians Haber says he is well received while some have spread the notion of carpet bagging.

“The reason you are a Libertarian is you stand for personal freedom and stopping the oppressive power of the state. That’s a perfect fit (for me). There isn’t a big problem with the ideology.”

Haber also says his business acumen could eventually be a boon for the Libertarian Party.

“The Libertarians traditionally have had an issue with trying to raise money. I know how to raise money for a candidate. All of the candidates would be propped up. They would have TV and radio commercials. We’ll be a real party. With the Democrats not putting candidates forward in most of these races, we have a chance to be the second party in South Dakota at this election.”

The seeds of courage have been sown.  We shall see what sprouts on August 9 at the South Dakota Libertarian Convention.

The entire KSOO interview with Haber is below in three segments.

20 seconds of courage has led Chad Haber on this path. 

Losing it all has forced Haber into the position of challenger.

Haber says Libertarians have a shot at overtaking the Democrats this fall.