On Saturday, I noticed a map of the United States with all different locations scattered across the country with each state being represented by one.

As I looked closer, I realized South Dakota is represented by the Corn Palace wasn't a good thing for the Corn Palace.

So one would have to question, how well does Matt Shirley's Instagram followers know South Dakota and our many attractions?

Some may say very well and some may say not at all after tagging the Corn Palace as the worst attraction in South Dakota.

Looking at the rest of the map, I would say this map looks a lot more like some of the best attractions in each state, not the worst.

I love the Mall of American in Minnesota and I know many people from Wisconsin who love the Wisconsin Dells.

Many folks in South Dakota have seen some great basketball and some good concerts over the years inside the Corn Palace and I'm not sure how much traction locally there would be for crowning the Corn Palace as the worst attraction in our state.

The Corn Palace had some updates a few years ago and is currently undergoing some renovations as well over the next 5-10 years, which will uplift the long-standing South Dakota attraction.

For more information on the World Famous Corn Palace in Mitchell, visit their website.

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