Sioux Falls City crews work hard to undo what the weather does in wintertime.  Let’s do our best to give them the space they need to complete the task.  

When your car gets buried by a windrow of snow it happens once and the lesson gets learned in most cases.

It’s understandable that circumstances prevent some car caretakers from removing vehicles from streets. However, when a snow alert is posted for Sioux Falls or for any city, the citizens who reside within the boundaries need to take action.

A snowfall of 2 inches or more triggers the alert and Public Works has a plan to clear the streets of the white stuff plus all the sand and chemicals mixed within. The goal is to have it done in less than 36 hours and most times the mission is accomplished.

Our job as city dwellers is to move our cars off the streets and enable the motor graders to shift the snow off the driving surface.

More street bound cars results in a slower process. Plus unless you drive like a stuntman, shoveling your way out of a wedge of snow 2 feet high in below zero wind chills is your reward. Let’s sweeten the package a bit more with a ticket and a tow in some circumstances.

The City of Sioux Falls and Public Works Department thank you for your cooperation.